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CBD Buyers Guide

Your probably interested in taking or already taking CBD products with the goal of improving your health or to alleviate certain health conditions. Yet, not all CBD is not created equal. Unfortunately buying CBD isn’t as straightforward as looking at the label. Here is our CBD Buyers Guide to help you navigate these new products.

Whats on the container may not always match what the label promises. Even CBD called ‘all natural’ can cause unpleasant side effects. Before buying an CBD supplement, talk to your doctor.

Read the Label

When buying any CBD product, here’s what to look for:

#1 Not all CBD is created equal

All of our CBD products come from 100% organic hemp harvested from Kentucky. Spend the extra few bucks on organic CBD to ensure it comes from quality fields.

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#2 Stay Away from Solvent extracted CBD

Any reputable CBD source uses CO2 extraction. Using a solvent method, solvents are mixed with the plant which strips the CBD. Many of these solvents such as butane, hexane etc can be toxic. CO2 extraction is the safest cleanest way to get CBD hands down.

#3 Less Is More

The less ingredients the better the product. Choose a CBD product that contains as few flavorings, fillers or nutritional elements as possible. Emperor One CBD is an amazing Company with Outstanding products. Click here to reach their website.

Several companies like to throw in super foods with their CBD products claiming health benefits which pose minimal rewards.

#4 Learn the amount of active Ingredient.

Newbies often wonder what the correct amount of CBD strength is needed and if oral or topical products are best. The answer to that is: it depends. If you have pain, you may be better off with a topical. If you have problems sleeping, you may be better off with a CBD oil.

So, it’s a bit tough to answer as every persons individual makeup can affect a persons CBD tolerance. If your unsure, it is best to start with lower amount and gradually increase.

Reputable brands are up front with their active mg strength and this info is right on the bottle. If your ever in doubt or unsure where to find this information, please contact us directly.

#5 Full Spectrum or Isolate? What’s the Difference?

Most CBD experts agree the entourage effects from consuming full spectrum CBD is more beneficial than isolate products. Full Spectrum CBD however does contain trace amounts of CBD which CAN cause a failed drug test. For minor conditions, or to avoid failing a drug test, we strongly suggest our isolate products which contain no thc whatsoever.

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