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CBD Massage Lotion: Which is best?

Massage therapy is already backed by scientific data as a method to combat sore muscles. Thousands of athletes, both professional and amateur, regularly resort to massage therapy after an intense workout. Managers, teachers, musicians, and numerous professionals treat themselves to a good massage once a week. CBD massage lotion can potentially add to this relaxing and tension easing experience.

What is CBD and why use it?

what is thc

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is a natural element found in the cannabis plant.

It also acts as an anti-inflammatory compound when used for pain or anxiety.

Unlike the better-known THC (aka tetrahydrocannabinol), it cannot get you ?high? and is non-intoxicating.

The most common types of CBD are ?Full-spectrum? and ?Broad-spectrum?.

A full-spectrum CBD oil uses all parts of the cannabis plant and not only the seeds.?

Broad-spectrum CBD is similar but has had extra processing to remove any traces of THC.

Why use a CBD Massage lotion?

cbd oil for eczema

Do you suffer from tight back muscles or sore calf muscles?

You may want to request that your massage therapist or your favorite massage partner give you your next massage using a CBD massage lotion to try first-hand what CBD can add to the experience.

European studies (1) have shown?that topical CBD products, whether cremes or gels, can decrease pain and inflammation.

The use of topical products can also help you avoid the potentially negative side effects connected to taking CBD orally.

These side effects may include an upset stomach or diarrhea as well as less direct absorption of the CBD itself.

Is every CBD oil good for massages?

No. Some CBD oils are very potent and best used as drops in a beverage or placed directly in your mouth with an eyedropper.

CBD massage oils will have lower concentrations of CBD in a greater amount of liquid because they are to be used on larger areas of the body.

This is why a CBD massage lotion can be the perfect choice because it is specifically for massage therapy.

Other CBD lotion benefits: Eczema

is cbd lotion good for skin

While CBD lotion gives well known anti-inflammatory relief, it also is great as an anti-itch remedy.

This particular benefit makes CBD lotion for eczema a viable relief solution for people suffering from this condition.?

Eczema generally refers to any skin condition on any part of the body with characteristics of by red patches that are both dry and flaky. In some more serious cases, it can cause blisters and sores (2).

Eczema may be an immune response with a genetic component that can be triggered by allergies or various types of irritants.

Whatever the reason and regardless of the form it takes, it is uncomfortable to live with.

Can Hemp Lotion Help?

cbd gummies

Why might a CBD lotion for eczema be a viable option? Eczema has no cure. But it can be managed.

The ‘normal’ treatment is usually a steroid lotion with antihistamines. Steroid creams do not have a great track record when it comes to long term use.

Eczema treatment has the basic objectives of:

  • reducing itching,
  • interrupting flare-ups,
  • preventing any infections
  • healing a dry and inflamed skin barrier

As studies indicate that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching benefits that can bind to our body?s cannabinoid receptors, CBD qualities can help alleviate some of eczema?s primary symptoms.

And since dry skin is a characteristic of eczema, CBD oil lotion for eczema may be a decisively good choice for combating the itching and discomfort while moisturizing the area affected.

CBD infused lotion and anxiety

cbd for anxiety

Millions of people globally struggle with anxiety. 

A CBD lotion for anxiety might be an option for those who prefer not to ingest the compound directly.

Heading into a stressful period?

Looking for some relief but you prefer not to ingest pills, drops, or anything else for that matter?

A CBD lotion for anxiety massaged directly onto your forehead and temples may assist in soothing headaches brought on by anxious thoughts or momentary stress.

No capsule to swallow, just a few seconds of applying CBD lotion may very well do the trick.

Psoriasis and CBD infused lotions

Can CBD help my psoriasis? Is there a best CBD lotion for psoriasis currently available?

An Italian study has demonstrated that treating skin psoriasis with a CBD infused topical helped in reducing symptoms.

Psoriasis causes skin cells to reproduce by creating patches of scales on the skin that is usually very red and itchy.?

There is no known cure for psoriasis, however, some ointments, creams, or oils can alleviate symptoms.

What does the research show?

Can CBD lotion help carpal tunnel

While research is still in the early stages, a 2007 study suggests that CBD may interrupt the reproduction of skin cells.

Other research points to CBD effectively dealing with both pain and itchiness.

At first, you can apply CBD infused lotions to the affected area, beginning with a lower potency until you find the best CBD lotion for psoriasis for your needs.

Of note, the best cbd lotion we have found to date is from Emperor One CBD.

The reason for this is because Emperor One CBD delivers without exceptions the best quality CBD lotion and CBD oils on the market.

Make sure to check them out! You can access their website by clicking here.

cbd massage lotion

Why use a CBD massage lotion?

The jury may still be out on exactly how effective topical CBD products are, but research with animals and some trials suggest that topical CBD products will benefit a multitude of people with numerous medical conditions that are characterized by chronic pain and chronic inflammation.

While topically applied CBD does not reach the bloodstream. It does penetrate the skin and its subdermal layer.

Whether you are searching for a CBD product to help you with soreness, muscle knots, and cramping, tightness, or just plain relaxation, CBD massage lotion packs more of a punch than standard massage oil.

Burns, skin irritations, and dryness may inspire you to try a CBD infused topical.

And if you?re looking for help with anxiety, psoriasis, or a just good CBD oil lotion for eczema, CBD options are now varied and plentiful and are a viable option for people seeking soothing topical relief.

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