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Weed Lotion

Applying Weed lotion is a revolutionary method of cannabis consumption. The method also has many health benefits for the user. The days when marijuana was confined to joints, and users ridiculed left, right, and center are over. Furthermore, you no longer need to get high to realize the full benefits of marijuana. Topicals infused with weed are a perfect example of how the drug can be used in other ways other than to get high and build castles in the air.

Weed lotion has three main advantages over other hemp lotion:

  • accessibility
  • affordability
  • safety

The product is simply made by infusing cannabis in cream for medical purposes.

Medical cannabis is excellent for relieving pain, soreness, and inflammation.

But it also comes with other benefits for patients and recreational consumers.

Weed lotion, like most Topical, is non-intoxicating and has no serious side effects.

Most patients prefer it because of their therapeutic benefits without cerebral euphoria. 

Working Mechanisms

The lotion is applied to the skin, where it is absorbed directly by skin pores.

Cannabinoids, which are chemicals present in cbd lotion, mimics ECS and start controlling CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body.

The receptors are responsible for various homeostasis processes such as sleep, hunger, and thirst.

Without these receptors, many normal body functions will not occur.

Consequently, one starts experiencing health conditions such as sleep disorders, mood changes, and loss of appetite.  

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2 Key Health Benefits

1) Regulating Inflammation and Pain

CB2 receptors bind with cannabinoids to relieve any form of pain and inflammation.

Furthermore, the receptors are non-psychoactive and prevent the mixing of cannabis in the blood.

When the body?s naturally-occurring endocannabinoids are not successful in activating CB2 receptors, cannabinoids present in cbd topical will do the job.

The body cannot extract enough cannabinoids from smoking or injected cannabis.

Applying weed lotion is the only sure way of providing your system with sufficient amounts of the chemical. 

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2) Improving Sleep, Mood, and Alertness

CB1 receptors are responsible for enhanced alertness, stable sleep patterns, and improving the user?s concentration.

Just like in the case of CB2, cannabinoids in weed lotion activate these receptors throughout the body.

The receptors are psychoactive and are excellent in remedying irregular sleep, mood swings, and lack of concentration. 

If you look at the three conditions (lack of sleep, mood swings, and lack of alertness) closely, you realize that they are the main causes of other severe conditions.

Lack of enough sleep, for example, is considered a mental disorder that can degenerate to more severe cases like anxiety and depression.  

Benefits for Recreational Consumers

Hemp lotion is good for athletes and gym-goers because it relieves pain in joints and muscles. The deep painkilling properties of cannabinoids give a tingling, soothing sensation after an intense workout. Besides, the chemicals have no side effects, unlike harsh regular painkillers.

The ingredients used by Emperor One CBD are particularly efficient for this purpose.

Their products have THCA and CBD to make them perfect for inflammation treatment. 

Although THCA does not have anti-inflammatory properties when used alone, it can be combined in its acid form with CBD.

The resulting compound is excellent in getting rid of inflammation and the accompanying pain. 

4 Benefits for Patients 

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The fact that cannabinoids don?t penetrate the bloodstream makes the chemicals perfect for localized treatment.

Patients with the following conditions will find a perfect medical companion in weed lotion.

However, to realize the full benefits of cbd lotion, you need to use it regularly for a longer period. 

1) Arthritis 

The anti-inflammatory effect found in the cream helps relieve pain in the knee and wrist joints of people suffering from arthritis.

People who use smoked and ingested cannabis have reported relief of pain from mild to severe arthritis.

But it should be used as a supplement to normal medication, not to be used as a substitute. 

2) Acne

Regularly applying weed lotion on your skin eliminates acne from your face, upper back, and chest. The chemicals found in cannabis can be used against boils and cellulitis.

Anti-bacterial properties of the cream make your skin healthy, and no bacteria can thrive on it. Apply weed lotion-like three times a day, and you will enjoy the full benefits. 

3) Early Aging

Prolonged use of weed lotion eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, which cause aging.

The cream has antioxidant properties as well, which is essential in relieving the pain associated with premature aging.

4) Autoimmune Diseases

Have you heard of the slogan? Holy herb??

It is a term to describe the healing power of cannabis. The cream has an extract of medicinal herbs, vitamins, and coconut oil, which help in curing diseases such as psoriasis.  

Where to Buy Weed Lotion?

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Topical like weed lotion offered by Emperor One CBD are dense and easy to use.

The brand has built on quality for many years and has always made safe products for consumers.

Apart from excellent customer care services, the products are also available at very reasonable prices without compromising quality.

Visit the Emperor One CBD website for a quality lotion. 

The legality of the product

Although cbd topical has a wide range of medicinal benefits, some states have not given its legal status.

States that do not allow the use of cannabis products include Wyoming, South Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

On the other hand, states like California, the District of Columbia, Alaska, Colorado, Michigan, Maine, and Vermont.

There are those states where the use of the product has not been allowed; neither is it criminalized. Such states include Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, Arkansas, and Delaware. 

Final Thoughts

Weed lotion has a range of benefits and is worth exploring to relieve pain and inflammation.

Although the lotion has no proven side effects, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using it.

Products offered by Emperor One are diversified to give the consumer many options to choose from.

Their products have phytocannabinoids, which means your body heals naturally. 

You must confirm with your state laws first before using the product.

Also, keep in mind that the product does not dissolve in the bloodstream.

Are you worried about getting addicted to using the cream?

Cast your fears aside.

The same property of the products makes it nearly impossible to have any psychoactive effects.  

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