Natural remedies for Carpal Tunnel

natural remedies for carpal tunnel

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Natural remedies for Carpal Tunnel

Have you ever felt some numbness or tingling in your hands or arms? Are you enduring this for several months and even gotten worse with time? If yes, well, I think you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when a nerve in your wrist is compressed. In many cases, this is the outcome of regular everyday activity. This involves manual labor, the repeated use of vibrating hand tools, playing a musical instrument, or even continuous typing or computer work in irregular positions. But have you ever queried?how to reverse carpal tunnel syndrome naturally? If so, I will share with you some natural remedies for carpal tunnel that can help.

Natural Remedies for Carpal Tunnel

Take breaks

Try placing a timer before you begin doing something like playing guitar, typing, or using a hand drill for 15 minutes. Once it goes off, pause on whatever you are doing, then shake or wiggle your fingers.

Move your wrists and stretch your hands to promote blood flow to these areas.

Wear splints

natural remedies for carpal tunnel

Retaining your wrists straight can further relieve the pressure on the nerve which is causing the pain.

Manifestations are more prevalent at night, so wearing a splint in the evening may relieve your symptoms before they begin.

If you have problems with repetitive tasks at work, you can also use wrist splints throughout the day.


If you notice yourself straining or forcing tasks like typing, writing, or using a cash register, try to relax your grip or reduce the force you are using. Avoid activities that make your wrists flex to the extreme in either direction.

Try keeping your wrists neutral as much as possible. You can do quick carpal tunnel relief exercises while lining up at the grocery store or sitting at your job desk.

Elevate your hands and wrists whenever possible, especially if you are pregnant, have fractures, or other fluid retention issues.

If these tips are not helping your symptoms, reconsider visiting an occupational or physical therapist. They can guide you through more advanced exercises to unwind your hands and ease your symptoms.

Try some herbal relief.

There are natural remedies for carpal tunnel like use of herbal relief. In one study, researchers discovered that applying topical menthol significantly reduced pain during the workday. 

You can also buy CBD. Among the essential oils for carpal tunnel syndrome, CBD may be the best one.

Let food be thy medicine.

natural remedies for carpal tunnel

What are the carpal tunnel foods to avoid and herbal supplements carpal tunnel? 

Though it has been long disputed, Vitamin B6 has usually been credited to mitigating and even healing carpal tunnel symptoms.

Using 50-100 mg of B6 regularly can grant relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome manifestations like swelling and inelasticity made by a B6 deficiency.

However, it’s essential not to take Vitamin B6 in surplus, which can create sensitivity to light and skin rashes, so you should never exceed 100 mg per day (1).

Vitamin B6 can also be obtained naturally in food like bananas, potatoes, chicken breast, brown rice, fish, and avocados.

What else?

Natural remedies for carpal tunnel include taking in food that helps the condition. Food like refined carbohydrates, sugar, and fried foods should be avoided because they promote inflammation.

Food that reduces inflammation in the body includes vegetables, fresh fruit, and high omega-3 like linseeds, fish, chia, nuts, and seeds.

Employ magnesium for carpal tunnel and turmeric for carpal tunnel.

Traditional Treatments

More severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome may require your doctor’s help. Healthcare practitioners may prescribe corticosteroids to lessen your pain and inflammation.

These medications lessen the amount of swelling and pressure placed on the nerve.

Medical doctors may also recommend surgery to alleviate pressure on the nerve.

Can CBD lotion help carpal tunnel

What Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sufferers Say About CBD

“I used to stockpile generic acetaminophen and stash it in every purse, cabinet, and desk I own. I get head-splitting migraines at least once a month and have creeping carpal tunnel pains from constant typing.

Plus, I recently underwent significant reconstruction surgery on my right foot, making me the least fun person at a dance party. While I was quickly prescribed the “hard stuff” following my surgery, I didn’t love the idea of putting a whole new set of chemicals into my body for pain relief.

Friends recommended alternative solutions (acupuncture, arnica cream), but nothing seemed to help. So I decided to try out CBD. I tell you, it worked wonders to me.”

M. Smith

What else do our clients have to say:

“The CBD topical lotion is astounding. Assists me with my carpal tunnel and back pain. I have been able to use my hands back and that is something that no prescription has been able to do. Thank you so much!”

M. Larke

“I had symptoms since for years. I have served in offices in several ranks my whole life. If I had known there would be this much change, I would not have tarried so long to do it. The thumb that had been throbbing all along has not ached since shortly after CBD lotion months ago.”

W. Drake

“I have severe carpal tunnel syndrome and most days I wake up in pain. Last night I rubbed CBD lotion totally over my wrists and thumb (that is where it pains the most). I was so thrilled when I woke up this morning and my hands did not hurt at all! I would highly suggest this product!”

B. White

“My life with CBD was phenomenal. I had carpel tunnel syndrome. Before I had the CBD lotion, I was awaking in the midst of the night in agony. Now, I was not stirring up as much to the pain anymore. I was able to go back to my job in days. I urge using CBD to everyone. It certainly helped me.”

T. Hicks

Where should I get my CBD from?

There are some many ways to get CBD nowadays. BUT, the most convenient way with the lowest prices and the highest quality is on the internet – hands down.

The one Company that we have identified as being Phenomenal with their prices, quality of product, fast shipping and excellent customer service is EmperorOne CBD.

With EmperorOne, rest assured that will get a CBD product for you and your pet that exceed industry standard and delivers excellent value.

Final Thoughts

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be distressing and disruptive to your everyday life. Natural remedies for carpal tunnel may help.

If you have been encountering symptoms for some time, see your medical doctor and ask for relief from the symptoms of pain and pressure and tips for carpal tunnel treatment without surgery.

Early diagnosis and treatment is the best means to avert permanent nerve damage.

Sure, specific exercises, stretches, and individual lifestyle measures like natural remedies for carpal tunnel can help decrease pressure and strain on the wrist in mild or even moderate cases; however, none of them are established replacements for medical treatment regarding carpal tunnel syndrome.

These medical and surgical measures, frequently resting the hand, can unquestionably help people with severe symptoms. 

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