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CBD for Pets

cbd for pets

CBD oil is incredibly popular right now.  And just like more and more people are using it for a variety of reasons, so too are more and more people using cannabidiol – a. k. a: CBD for pets: for their dogs and cats. What is CBD for Pets? But CBD is relatively new in the […]

Terpenes 101

terpenes 101

CBD 101: Terpenes Found in Hemp Anyone that’s done a bit of research into CBD oil, the words “full-spectrum” and “terpenes” are sure to have popped up several times – we sure use them in the product descriptions for our EmperorOne  CBD full-spectrum CBD oils!  Terpenes are an important part of what makes a full-spectrum […]

CBD Buyers Guide

Your probably interested in taking or already taking CBD products with the goal of improving your health or to alleviate certain health conditions. Yet, not all CBD is not created equal. Unfortunately buying CBD isn’t as straightforward as looking at the label. Here is our CBD Buyers Guide to help you navigate these new products. […]